Ryan the Sales Manager

Meet Ryan

Ryan the Sales Manager
This is Ryan, a Sales Manager with plenty of work. He manages a team of several sales reps across his territory, and while monitoring each sales rep’s performance (as well as the collective), he needs to provide confident reports of results and forecasts of upcoming sales.

Discover how he makes it look easy with a well-implemented CRM: 

Ryan’s Requirements:
How FullOpp helped:

Approval by Emails
“In my position, I often need to make decisions quickly, and it is important to me to be able to approve quotes and tasks while on the move.”
A must have for managers everywhere, FullOpp empowered his Salesforce.com approval requests to be sent directly to his email. He can simply reply saying “Approve” and be done!


“I need to be able to see both team and individual reports constantly, including forecasts, performance progress, and activity reports.”

We saved Ryan’s time from many meetings with his associates by having his Salesforce.com CRM properly set up with custom reports that are emailed on a weekly, monthly and quarterly basis.

New Customers
“When marketing pushes new leads into the system, I need to make sure that we keep track of everyone, avoiding potential opportunities from falling through the cracks.”
FullOpp was able to help Ryan by setting up several workflows and alerts to remind him and his sales reps when leads were not followed up with and scoring them to indicate when they are potentially ready to convert into opportunities.

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