Phil the V.P.

Meet Phil

Phil, the VP of Sales & Marketing
This is Phil, the VP of Sales and Marketing. As the person in charge for all business development activities, Phil wants to make sure that both marketing and sales departments are perfectly aligned with one another, so marketing can push more qualified leads based on feedback from the sales reps and managers.

Discover how he makes it look easy with a well-implemented CRM: 

Phil’s Requirements:
How FullOpp helped:

Marketing and Sales Alignment
“As the leader of both Sales and Marketing teams, I need to ensure that the leads sent to Sales by Marketing are properly qualified and followed up with.”
FullOpp empowered Phil and his team with several workflows, alerts and lead scoring criteria, all of which ensure only the best leads get pushed over and that none fall through the cracks!

Team Performance

“I want a high level summary of my team’s performance without having to stop my managers from what they are focused on doing.”

We saved Phil’s time from many meetings with his managers by having his CRM properly set up with custom reports that are emailed on a weekly, monthly and quarterly basis.

“In addition, I also want to spare my managers from having several checkpoint meetings on the company’s sales performance. My managers need to focus on selling, not internal meetings.”
FullOpp was able to help Phil by setting up several dashboards to quickly report the company’s performance as soon as he logs in to Salesforce.

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