Donna the Sales Associate

Meet Donna

Donna the Sales Associate
This is Donna, the Sales Associate. In her position, her role involves a high volume of sales, so having a Customer Relationship Management tool that saves her time is crucial. As she’s always on the go between visits with prospects and customers, she also heavily relies on her tablet.

Discover how he makes it look easy with a well-implemented CRM: 

Donna’s Requirements:
How FullOpp helped:

Quick Links
“I spend too much time entering Opportunities. More than half of my sales include the same products and quantities, which I have to enter every time. This takes too many clicks!
In high-volume businesses, many times Opportunities are identical in nature. FullOpp created custom links for Donna that pre-load these common opportunities for her. All she needs is select the Account, make revisions (if any) and submit!

Salesforce Touch

“I am always on the run and need to be able to access all of my information through my tablet.”

FullOpp simply activated Salesforce Touch for Donna and all other users. Donna now controls all of her opportunities and data from her tablet!

Salesforce for Outlook
“I already use my Outlook calendar to manage my activities, and managing a second calendar in Salesforce is counter-productive.”
With Training and Configuration, FullOpp was able to enable Salesforce for Outlook and train Donna and her colleagues to sync e-mails, contacts and events on a constant bi-directional feed.

More Questions
“I still face a variety of challenges not described on this page. How can I go about proving a more detailed description of our needs?”
Not a problem! Our experience is always up for any organizational challenge. Contact us today for assistance!