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Meet Phil, Ryan and Donna

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Together, they run an organization that had a difficult time adopting Salesforce. The solution was cumbersome to use, taking too much time and not demonstrating clear visibility over the company’s performance. Some of their challenges included:

  • Sales Associates argued that the system took too long to complete an Opportunity, slowing down those who had many opportunities to manage on a daily basis
  • Sales Managers mentioned that there was no easy way to view summaries of their team’s performance or forecasting the quarter’s sales
  • Sales Associates complained that they took too much time searching for the correct leads/contacts due to multiple duplicate results at every search
  • Phil, the VP of Sales, raised the point that there was no alignment in the leads being pushed from the marketing department and how they are followed up with by his sales teams.
  • …and the list went on!

Convinced they could further optimize their solution, the reached out to FullOpp to see how their day-to-day processes could be addressed. See how each of them had their needs and requirements addressed:


V.P. Sales & Marketing

Phil, the VP of Sales & Marketing

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Sales Manager

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Sales Associate

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