Helping Undergrads

fullOpp takes pride in helping young undergrads that are seeking to have a competitive edge on today’s job market.

In a world where a Bachelor’s Degree can hardly suffice, and it’s team of Certified Salesforce Consultants have created several initiatives to help others to improve their visibility by speaking at local universities and hosting a Blog with tips for Undergrads. Topics covered range from:

  • Experience with everyday software (CRM, Mass Mailers, Video Conferencing, etc)
  • Building your Online Presence via LinkedIn
  • Demonstrating Value to Potential Employers
  • Job Interview Tips and Tricks
  • Salary Negotiation Concepts
  • Sharing “Things I Wish I Knew Then”
  • Sales Experience
  • Internship Advice
  • and more!

While universities worldwide do a tremendous job at teaching students the theory of business practices, our hope is to be able to demonstrate day-to-day practical experience that gets constantly overlooked, while also providing out-of-the-box ideas to increase your presence and value during a job interview.

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